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Transferability of Postsecondary Credit Following Student Transfer or Coenrollment: Statistical Report

The purpose of this report is to examine how often, and under what conditions, postsecondary institutions accept the transfer of credits earned by students at other institutions. It addresses the following questions:
• How often do members of a cohort of beginning college students transfer or coenroll1 between postsecondary education institutions during their undergraduate years?
• How often, and in what amounts, do credits transfer when students move from one institution to another?
• What characteristics of institutions (i.e., control, level, accreditation, and selectivity) and students (i.e., grade point average [GPA] and degree/award level of program) are related to credit transfer?

Society for College and University Planning (SCUP)'s insight:

From NCES.

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Community College Transfers Can Thrive at the Nation’s Best Colleges and Universities

Community College Transfers Can Thrive at the Nation’s Best Colleges and Universities | SCUP Links |

"The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation finds that many low-income students who excel in community colleges will continue to excel if given the chance to transfer to highly selective four-year colleges. Despite academic success at the community college level, lower-income students have a difficult pathway to navigate to get to elite institutions, and such institutions have not been looking in the right places nor making it easy for academically qualified students to gain access. Foundation Vice President Emily R. Froimson outlines ways institutions can find and prepare students and support them through and after transfer. "

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