A New View of Opportunity and Risk Through Dashboards | July 2014, Pittsburgh | SCUP Links | Scoop.it
Get a new view of your institution's risks and opportunities through dashboards that analyze and aggregate information from legacy systems, financial statements, and public agency data into actionable key performance indicators (KPI). Intelligent allocation of resources relies on accurate information. The University of California (UC), with its 41 dashboards and 157 KPIs, reduced the cost of risk, improved credit ratings, and enhanced performance. In particular, through business trends and landscape data presented in charts, graphs, and reports, UC has identified specific areas of loss and cut out millions in workers' compensation costs.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Develop performance measures from interviewing administrators and risk managers across an enterprise.
  2. Refine performance measures into key performance indicators (KPIs) and key risk indicators (KRIs) for dashboard charts and tables.
  3. Leverage landscape and historical trend information from dashboards to pinpoint areas of loss and areas of opportunity.
  4. Examine programs and strategies to cut out costs in key areas.