Trend— UC Davis's groundbreaking digital badge system could scale well, plays well with regular grading | SCUP Links |

Sheryl Grant, an expert on badges ... said the badging work done by Normoyle and others at UC-Davis is the most interesting she’s seen in higher education. Grant has helped administer30 badging projects that won a contest and received support from the Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation. 

“They really are solving for something that the current credential system is not doing,” says Grant, adding that Normoyle and company are doing so without “upsetting the apple cart” by tossing out the degree.

Grant predicts that UC-Davis’s approach is one other colleges will copy. That’s because, she says, they used a rigorous process to create a badging system grounded in the values of the institution, faculty, students and employers.

The end result, Grant says, is a “data visualization and recommendation system” that is “going to scale really well.”