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The Next America: ... the Looming Generational Showdown | Three POVs from Higher Ed - YouTube

Three authors for the journal Planning for Higher Education share their takes on Paul Taylor's book. Taylor will be at higher education's premier planning event, "Plan for Transformation in Higher Education," in Pittsburgh, July 12–16:

Society for College and University Planning (SCUP)'s insight:

Our guests for this video Planning Interview were SCUPers Linda Baer, Marie Gardner, and James Morisson.

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What Scandinavia Can Teach U.S. Teens About Coming of Age. Maybe.

What Scandinavia Can Teach U.S. Teens About Coming of Age. Maybe. | SCUP Links |

"Imagine a weekly experience framed up by a cross-partisan array of educators and parents in which young people at the age of 14 or 15 would spend a year in guided learning about the values ... and hard skills of citizenship in America. Instead of shying away from the controversial stuff, in the way that tentative public schools have, it would lean right into the arguments. Indeed, it would present American civic identity as a series of arguments over the meaning, application and priority of principles like freedom, equality, justice, and opportunity.

There could also be elements of service and contribution, in the same way that in most religious rites of passage young people have to prove through good works that they have absorbed the lessons."

Society for College and University Planning (SCUP)'s insight:

Maybe. This is, we think, more cogent:

The latest Pew survey, released last week, tells us that Millennials are as pigeonhole-resistant as ever: individualistic yet networked, socially liberal yet mistrustful of others, pessimistic about the economy yet optimistic about the future.

Overlooked in most dissections of these findings, though, was a cruel fact: young people aren’t so young anymore. The Pew report was titled “Millennials in Adulthood,” and the cohort we once imagined as helicopter-parented kids now ranges from 18 to 33. That means not only that this massive generation is growing up but also that a new as-yet-unbranded generation of truly young folks is arriving.

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