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Leveraging Local Libraries— Partnering with Community Colleges

Leveraging Local Libraries— Partnering with Community Colleges | SCUP Links |

"CSCC’s and CML’s IT departments have worked together to ensure that the virtual desktop infrastructure works properly. Testing has taken place at other branches over the past couple months. The real test will come when the fall semester begins. ...

Thousands of CSCC students live in the CML service area, so it was natural to combine services, said Ben Zenitsky, marketing and communications specialist for the Columbus Metropolitan Library.

'We’re looking to create the libraries of the 21st century,' Zenitsky said. 

Commentary: Librarians are invaluable in the digital age

A big part of that is to support education and be a resource for students from pre-Kindergarten through college. The dedicated CSCC room at the library also is strategically placed next to the teen area, so teens can see the CSCC students working and 'be inspired to achieve,” added Zenitsky.'"

Society for College and University Planning (SCUP)'s insight:

The author lists additional examples of this category of collaboration: "A partnership between Columbus State Community College (CSCC) and theColumbus Metro Library (CML) System in Ohio will make access to distance learning easier for many CSCC students. The library’s newest branch, which opened in July, features a dedicated room for CSCC students, and all CML branches offer computer access to the CSCC system."

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The Cost of Universal Knowledge Access - Journal Subscriptions More Expensive than Russion Defense Budget?

"The cost of providing everyone in this country with access to just one major academic publisher’s portfolio would be equal to the size of Russia’s defense budget. Add in Springer, Wiley, and others and maybe we start getting close to half trillion.

Knowledge ain’t cheap! But when the cost of journal subscriptions is more than we pay for bombs, tanks, missiles, guns, fighter jets, ships, and so forth… that’s when you that something’s not right."

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