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Are Élite Colleges Bad for the Soul?

Are Élite Colleges Bad for the Soul? | SCUP Links |

Nathan Heller on William Deresiewicz’s “Excellent Sheep,” which, in attempting to debunk one myth of higher education falls prey to another.

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An Internal Hydraulic of Change | Theory to Practice

The core chemistry of higher education is transformed if and when the academy and those beyond it understand how a campus’s culture for learning is inextricably linked to multiple and progressive opportunities for engaged learning; the expectation that such engagement should occur for every student; the connection and cultivation of those learning experiences to broad and deep civic understanding and action; and the recognition that those elements of the institution’s commitment to higher learning and to its civic expression are fully bound up in treating students as whole learners—persons whose well-being is an objective of the opportunities and encouragement we as educators provide.

This means a transformation in how faculty see and express their basic responsibilities as educators and how students welcome and adopt the expectation of challenging and demanding involvement in their education. It means replacing institutional structures that artificially segment and restrict parts of a whole with integration and common objectives, and altering financial priorities and reward structures so as to provide the conditions needed to reach a tipping point, to have change occur and persist. (emphasis added)

Society for College and University Planning (SCUP)'s insight:

By Don Harward, project director, BTtoP; president emeritus, Bates College; senior fellow, AAC&U

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