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Getting a Handle on Performance-Based Funding

Society for College and University Planning (SCUP)'s insight:

Frequent SCUP speaker, Dennis P. Jones, is quoted as saying that “States are getting more sophisticated about what they’re doing and are crafting models that really reinforce institutional mission differentiation, rather than doing the same thing for everybody.” Jones is president of the National Center for Higher Education Management Systems, whose October 2013 report, “Outcomes-Based Funding: The Wave of Implementation,” examines such policies. “They’re also putting a bigger share of the allocation into outcomes-based funding.”

This author concisely organizes this brief and informative resource, from AASCU's Public Policy magazine, under the primary heading of "A More Sophisticated Model," with these bullets.

  1. An Active Role for Stakeholders
  2. Differentiate Metrics and Rewards
  3. Make the Money Meaningful
  4. Make the Penalties Reasonable
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Corporate cash alters university curricula

Corporate cash alters university curricula | SCUP Links |
More companies are entering partnerships with colleges to help design curricula, as state universities seek new revenue and industry tries to close a yawning skills gap.
Society for College and University Planning (SCUP)'s insight:

"The University of Maryland has had to tighten its belt, cutting seven varsity sports teams and forcing faculty and staff to take furlough days. But in a corner of the campus, construction workers are building a dormitory specifically designed for a new academic program.

Many of the students who live there will be enrolled in a cybersecurity concentration funded in part by Northrop Grumman Corp. The defense contractor is helping to..."

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3 Trends Are About To Create A Higher-Education Earthquake

3 Trends Are About To Create A Higher-Education Earthquake | SCUP Links |
Higher education has remained pretty much the same for hundreds of years, but that may be about to change.
Society for College and University Planning (SCUP)'s insight:

"Since the first wave of massive online courses launched in 2012, a backlash has focused on their failures and commercial uncertainties. Yet if critics think they are immune to the march of the MOOC, they are almost certainly wrong. Whereas online courses can quickly adjust their content and delivery mechanisms, universities are up against serious cost and efficiency problems, with little chance of taking more from the public purse."

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