Q&A with Teagle Foundation Prez Judith Shapiro | SCUP Links | Scoop.it

It is clear that foundations are approaching philanthropy differently by shifting from being grantmaking organizations to being leadership organizations attempting to wield their financial power to influence public policy and act as catalysts for change. With foundations’ growing influence over policymaking and consolidation changing the center of gravity, discomfort in academe may be intensifying, with some higher education leadership asserting that they themselves are in the best position to come up with solutions to higher education shortcomings.

Shapiro sees a broad mandate in her current role to lead efforts in “advancing the well-being and general good of mankind throughout the world" by focusing on "institutions of higher learning and research." Shapiro brings her insights and perspectives on the intersection of private philanthropy and higher education and shares her thoughts on the nature of strategic philanthropy, how foundations can be catalysts for change and how foundations are influencing and shaping the future direction of higher education.