Crowdsourcing Design: The End of Architecture, or a New Beginning? | SCUP Links |

"The idea of crowdsourcing architectural design is pretty disruptive, some of its critics would even say cataclysmic. The object of their distress is a website,, which came online in 2011 and offers an interface between people looking for design services and those in the design and construction world who might come up with a design solution. Arcbazar was started by Imdat As, an architect with a doctorate in architectural design from Harvard, who wanted to connect architects with potential clients – during the height of the recession a few years ago. Arcbazar was instantly coined the “ of architecture,” after a website that crowdsources graphic design services. (Full disclosure: As and I are colleagues at the University of Hartford Department of Architecture.) He notes that the architecture profession is involved in only a fraction of total construction activity, foregoing potential fees that As estimates at $22 billion. Arcbazar was designed as a vehicle for architects and designers to be involved in small projects for clients who would typically not seek design services."