This regional annual conference was held March 20-23, 2011, at Seattle University. Most of its sessions' slide sets/handouts are available at the title link for those who attended to download, and for all current SCUP members.

The conference explored how campus planning fosters the creation of community within the institution, the neighborhood, the city, and beyond. Community–at all levels - campus, city, region, the world - is central to our human endeavors and individual well-being. Institutions of higher learning are comprised of a multiplicity of communities whose purposes are to educate students, develop new knowledge, and foster relationships. Creating and participating in a variety of communities is a major focus of campus life, both facilitated and complicated by the increasing use and numbers of technological tools and innovations. Fostering sustaining communities in a climate of increasingly constrained fiscal resources, a changing sense of social responsibilities, and digital distractions is the challenge facing higher education and the world today.