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Learning space attributes: reflections on academic library design and its use

Even though students are not using the print collection, they still choose to go to the library for academic pursuits. The continuing preferences of students for library space can be examined in the light of a hierarchy of needs made up of layers of access and linkages, of uses and activities, of sociability, and of comfort and image. A space which combines attributes from all four levels is an ideal learning space.

Society for College and University Planning (SCUP)'s insight:

Quite a few other, related articles can be accessed through this link to the Journal of Learning Spaces

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Building Communities of Practice in Higher Ed - SCUP's Planning for Higher Ed Mojo

Building Communities of Practice in Higher Ed - SCUP's Planning for Higher Ed Mojo | SCUP Links |

In her post titled Building Communities of Practice in Higher Ed she describes a visit to UNT by Milton Cox of Miami University, who "shared suggestions on how to 'mind the gap(s)' in higher education and consider the broken spaces between our current disciplines, departments and silos on campus."

It's a very interesting perspective on practical, cross-silo connection for campus students, faculty, and staff who need to work together. Here are some suggestions she gathered about setting up Faculty Learning Committees:

  • size: 8-12 faculty, professionals, Administrators, TAs, students
  • voluntary membership by application
  • Affiliate patterns: consultants, mentors, student associates
  • multidisciplinary and from different departments
  • encourage participant curiosity
  • allow for richness of innovations
  • permitted relief from dysfunctional units
Russell Waldron's curator insight, September 25, 2014 10:32 PM

It seems to be paradoxically both natural and difficult to grow COPs in higher education. @laurapasquini describes the approach behind Collaborative Learning Communities (CLC) at UNT.