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December 2011 E-Newsletter : The Cultural Landscape Foundation

December 2011 E-Newsletter : The Cultural Landscape Foundation | SCUP Links |

In its own words:

"What a Year!

TCLF achieved major milestones with significant audience growth and valuable media coverage for landscape practitioners and their landscapes."

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News from The SOURCE on Community College Issues, Trends and Strategies

News from The SOURCE on Community College Issues, Trends and Strategies | SCUP Links |

Updates from THE SOURCE is a bi-weekly email newsletter worth looking for. The title link takes you to Volume 1, Issue 20, November 27, 2011.

It's divided into 12 sections, with anywhere from one to several annotated links to resources in each section. The sections are:

  • College Readiness
  • Remedial Education
  • College Completion & Retention
  • Workforce Development
  • Data Analysis & Assessment
  • Technology Adoption
  • Funding, Economics & Financial Aid
  • Transfer & Articulation
  • Organizations
  • Online Education at Community Colleges
  • Miscellaneous News, Reports, Articles & Statistics
  • News & Feature Articles
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Change Magazine -- September/October 2011: In This Issue

Change Magazine -- September/October 2011: In This Issue | SCUP Links |

A subscription-only journal that is highly respected throughout higher education, Change magazine often offers several articles from each issue for all to download. The September-October 2011 issue has several such. Change self-describes:


"Change is a magazine dealing with contemporary issues in higher learning. It is intended to stimulate and inform reflective practitioners in colleges, universities, corporations, government, and elsewhere. Using a magazine format rather than that of an academic journal, Change spotlights trends, provides new insights and ideas, and analyzes the implications of educational programs, policies, and practices.

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Community College Times | American Association of Community Colleges (AACC)

Community College Times | American Association of Community Colleges (AACC) | SCUP Links |

The Community College Times' online edition is available to all and worthy of a bookmark. You can find it easily in here by using the Tag tab and clicking on "periodical".


Do you have any other periodicals to suggest bring in here? Use the Suggest tab and let us know.

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Public Policy Magazine | Association of American State Colleges & Universities

Public Policy Magazine | Association of American State Colleges & Universities | SCUP Links |

Public Policy is a presidential level magazine which offers insights into what state college and university leaders are thinking about and learning. It is not password protected. This link will take you to its archive, where you will find items like: Stewardship in an Era of Constraint; Rational Retrenchment; Highlighting the Needs of Veteran Students on College and University Campuses; and Leadership for Lean Times.

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About Campus | Jossey-Bass Imprint

"About Campus is dedicated to the idea that student learning is the responsibility of everyone on campus. Six times a year, About Campus offers an exciting and eclectic mix of articles and features all designed to illuminate the critical issues faced by both student affairs and academic affairs staff as they work on the shared goal that brought them together in the first place: to help students learn.

Feature Articles Leading thinkers and researchers, practitioners on the front lines, and leaders in higher education explore far-reaching and critical topics, analyze new research, and detail implications for practice.

In Practice Practitioners at campuses across the country report on the innovative practices and programs that are making a difference in students' learning. Upcoming reports will profile the use of a multi-media CD in a first-year reading program, a successful model for a cultural center, and the use of movies to promote learning and development in the classroom."

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Ecotone Journal | Reimagining Place

Ecotone Journal | Reimagining Place | SCUP Links |

What an interesting find: Ecotone, the journal. The current issue, while interesting, is not that relevant, although it is interesting; however only some articles in the current issue are available to non-subscribers.

SCUPers who care about "place" need to know they can find this journal (and others we are collecting) here - anytime - using the "tags" tab and selecting "periodicals." 

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Transfer & Articulation from 2- to 4-Year: a Resource Silo

Links to information about transfer and articulation from two-year to four-year institutions...


The SOURCE on Community College Issues Trends & Strategies, is an online publication that, among other things, publishes topical information silos. This one has a rich set of current links and was created with support from Western Governor's University.

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The Bottom Line | Community College Business Officer's (CCBO)

The Bottom Line | Community College Business Officer's (CCBO) | SCUP Links |

The Bottom Line is the CCBO's quarterly newsletter. It's downloadable from the CCBO website.

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The Journal of Blacks in Higher Education

The Journal of Blacks in Higher Education | SCUP Links |

"The Journal of Blacks in Higher Education provides a variety of examples of major institutions that have leapt ahead of their peers in such matters as black scholarship awards, tenure appointments, postgraduate degree awards, administrative hirings, and in conferring other positions of academic power and authority on African Americans. But, once more, not much happens in lagging institutions unless all these gains and shortfalls are widely publicized and known throughout academic circles.


It is sometimes said that college administrators scorn outside accountability and prefer to make decisions at the faculty club. We have found that this is not true. Hundreds of America’s colleges and universities regularly provide us with the statistics we need to develop measures of relative success in the racial integration of higher education. Fortunately, too, we are helped by the fact that Americans on the whole love to keep score — even in higher education.


In culling out and publishing a wide-ranging collection of racial statistics on America’s colleges and universities, we do not in any way see racism lurking under every set of differing figures. Our purpose is simply to show major racial imbalances and leave competitive markets and other nonlegislative forces to operate on the information provided."

Mary Logan's curator insight, December 30, 2014 12:11 AM

I found this article interesting because it looks at how African Americans were in segregated school but they over came the power that Caucasians had during this time and strived to do better for themselves by having a positive educational based status.This article shows the history of power in our society Although the Caucasian people had power over them they overcame the power and made sure that the children who would be the adults of the future were to get a great education. 

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