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'Campus mapping is going through an adventurous phase.'

'Campus mapping is going through an adventurous phase.' | SCUP Links |

"What is fascinating, however, is how rarely universities use maps of themselves except as straightforward representations of what is there: surely a peculiar omission when one thinks of the number of geographic and geolocational facilities that universities have and the way that maps have become a crucial part of everyday life (think only of all the mapping apps that are now available covering topics as diverse as running and the location of aeroplanes in the sky), as well as a bulwark of numerous economic and social institutions (think of the way in which electronic maps are being used in the U.S. electoral campaign, for example, or are being used as means of identifying the warp and weft of customers, as in the Carnegie Mellon project Livehoods."

ptolemy's comment, July 5, 2012 11:49 AM
about time that Universities begin to understand the dynamic rather than static value of maps and the different uses that they can be put to - especially with planning and communication. GIS is a powerful tool for this that a few campuses have been using with remarkable success. Also a great tool to work with communities on. Would be good to see this trend get more traction!