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Midway College's attempt at creating a pharmacy school shows dangers of assumed quick fix | Inside Higher Ed

Lots of lessons learned in this failed attempt by a small, indenpendent school to create a School of Pharmacy at a branch location.

 Lots of colleges are looking for a miracle cure for what ails them these days.

In 2010, Midway College, a private women's college in Kentucky, thought it had found its wonder drug in the form of pharmacy school. It would be built in Paintsville, a city several hours from the college's main campus, with funds from a major gift. The school, which would be coeducational, could help the college develop an economically disadvantaged section of the country, attract students and tuition dollars, and fill a vital niche in the community.

But after two years and several million dollars spent, the college has nothing to show for its efforts except a damaged reputation, some administrative turnover, and an empty building, with little hope that it will ever be filled. [end quote]

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Debt: Not just for undergrads

Debt: Not just for undergrads | SCUP Links |

These days, a law degree comes with $150,000 of debt -- and no guarantee of a job after graduation...

Sometimes perception is reality, and this is a growing perception.

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