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Facilitating Interdisciplinary Learning: Lessons from Project Kaleidoscope | Change Magazine

Facilitating Interdisciplinary Learning: Lessons from Project Kaleidoscope | Change Magazine | SCUP Links |

More good work in the STEM disciplines from PKAL. In Change magazine, Adrianna Kezar and Susan Elrod report out from a PKAL project that engaged a good number of campuses working together to facilitate interdisciplinary learning. Interestingly, from this perspective it's not the the faculty that are standing in the way:

"If interdisciplinary work is to become part of the regular work of campuses, then it needs to be integrated into day-to-day processes besides promotion and tenure review, mentoring, faculty development, and the like. Fundraising, facilities planning, budgeting, program review, strategic planning, and accreditation are all areas in which the PKAL campuses encountered barriers that stalled their efforts.

Campus teams in the post-program survey cited a lack of appropriate administrative processes as one of the most important barriers. Some used strategic planning or accreditation as opportunities to bring up problems that they were encountering in realizing the promise of interdisciplinary learning."

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Progress and Cycles | Dean Dad at Inside Higher Ed

Dean Dad reviews The Progress Principle by Teresa Amabile and Steven Kramer, and recommends it for, among other things, its perspective on progress and cycles:

"The one idea of this book is that the feeling of 'progress,' even when small, is a powerful motivator. People who achieve little victories are far more likely to stay engaged with what they’re doing and put forth solid effort than people who don’t get those victories. The major advice of the book was to structure work (and management) to recognize the value of small victories, and to encourage a sense of forward motion whenever possible.

And then I thought about semesters."

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