UVA's OpenGrounds must have had an interesting planning process:

"Hoping to encourage more interdepartment work without creating a flurry of new centers, Virginia is launching OpenGrounds. The network provides resources for both short- and long-term academic partnerships while giving Virginia the versatility to focus on the best research. A quick search of Virginia's directory reveals about 90 centers that appear to have some research orientation. Those numbers certainly aren't unique to Virginia, but the hope is that OpenGrounds will foster other kinds of collaborations.

“It remains nimble rather than what often happens where things develop an infrastructure and are there forever whether they’re needed or not,” said William Sherman, the director of OpenGrounds and Virginia’s associate vice president for research.
After 18 months of planning, OpenGrounds will begin in earnest next week when it opens on-campus space for collaborators to meet. Researchers will maintain their office and labs in their home departments, but can use the OpenGrounds office for discussion or planning."