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Why Is College So Expensive? And Can Obama Make It Cheaper?

Why Is College So Expensive? And Can Obama Make It Cheaper? | SCUP Links |

Regarding the president's speech in Ann Arbor last week:

"Is this plan just "political theater of the worst sort," as University of Washington President Mike Young put it? Or is it a brave attempt at "tying the method of funding to the outcomes we're looking for," as William Powers, president of the University of Texas at Austin, said? Honestly, it might be a bit of both. Some aspects of the plan look like little more than window dressing in an election year. But overall, it seems like an earnest attempt to hog-tie some of the many wild forces that are pushing up the cost of a college education."

Paul Whitney's comment, February 7, 2012 8:38 AM
Overall personnel costs and various fees charged to students are out-of-whack. Colleges continue to produce budgets that are geared to their survival and not directed toward the consumer [student] needs.
Miscellaneous charges are included in tuition costs that by their nature will continue to rise. Productivity is not a concept that Higher Education has any concept of or a clue how to address. Certainly, the federal bureaucracy is not the place for us to look for ideas on lowering costs...besides, how is No Child Left Behind working for you? Race to the Top is just another federal program throwing money at a problem. Schools that are innovative and manage their costs to revenue will survive.!

Opinion surveys land universities in China in political trouble - University World News

Merely one of many academic issues to be dealt with as China expands its university research.

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At White House Meeting on Affordability, a Call for Urgency, Innovation, and Leadership - Government - The Chronicle of Higher Education

"Freeman A. Hrabowski III, president of the University of Maryland-Baltimore County, said the meeting was 'very encouraging.'

'There was a general understanding that we can't have business as usual, that we have fewer resources,' Mr. Hrabowski said. 'The question was how do we build quality while cutting costs.' In the discussion, Mr. Hrabowski said many students at his college were able to pay for education with internships and research jobs that assist faculty members. He also talked about the need for better cross-agency collaboration on increasing the participation of minority students in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics fields."

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What a Real Education Policy Would Look Like - Tenured Radical - The Chronicle of Higher Education

What a Real Education Policy Would Look Like - Tenured Radical - The Chronicle of Higher Education | SCUP Links |
Extra! Extra!The White House Announces Another Federal Education Non-Policy

Interesting perspective: "nonprofits who specialize in assessing what bang corporate America is getting for the student buck."

"This is all based on a discussion that Obama and Duncan had back in December with 'a dozen college presidents, mostly from public institutions, and leaders of two nonprofit education organizations, about how to curb the rising cost of college and improve graduation rates.' The nonprofits were the Delta Project that does cost-benefit analysis and the Lumina Foundation whose focus is on access and affordability. Note the groups that were not invited to the table: the American Association of University Women, the American Association of University Professors, the major educational foundations or any presidents of the major professional organizations. In other words, the Obama administration did not invite anyone to the table who actually does research on education — only nonprofits who specialize in assessing what bang corporate America is getting for the student buck."

Bradley Gomoluch's curator insight, July 29, 2015 8:20 PM

Interesting, I really wonder what will happen with the rising costs of education and the effects that will have on the number of students that attend college.!

| Inside Higher Ed

| Inside Higher Ed | SCUP Links |

Jonathan Gibralter, president of Frostburg State University (MD), writing in Inside Higher Ed, urges the administration to pay more attention to small colleges and universities, and to community colleges:

"We represent a sector that educates the vast majority of our nation’s college students, yet only a handful of the invitees for today’s event reflect our open-access mission. Had the Administration wanted insight on reaching the ambitious 2020 graduation goal outlined by President Obama as quickly as possible or truly addressing concerns about student loan loads they would have asked for additional participation and input from our institutions. We deserved additional seats at the table."

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