Multimedia Makeover @ Providence College | SCUP Links |

Almost every institution has one: a somewhat dingy and dimly lit basement area that hasn't been touched in decades. At Providence College, Providence, Rhode Island, that spot was the lower level of the Phillips Memorial Library, which students dubbed "the dungeon" prior to its 2010 transformation into a computer-equipped study lounge and information center.

Renamed the TecHub, the nearly 3,000-square-foot space features the latest in wireless connectivity, along with four Mac minicomputer terminals and data ports; two collaboration tables, each with a Mac minicomputer; a wall-mounted, flat-screen monitor to project images from a laptop; 50 electrical outlets; 50 data jacks; and enough tables and chairs to seat 85 students. Tucked into a corner is the TechStation, a help desk where students can obtain answers to either research or technology questions.