The Triple Helix Framework for Regional Development & Strategic Doing | SCUP Links |

The Indiana University Kokomo Regional Transformation Initiative is needed, according to IU Kokomo's chanceller Michael Harris, because "In light of the many economic challenges, it is our mission and obligation to offer hope, be forward looking, optimistic and work toward a future in abundance. A necessary condition is that higher education must embrace a leadership role in regional transformation. 

While finding out more about the triple helix (institutions, governments, businesses) initiative—for which IUK received a 2012 University Economic Development Association Award of Excellence in Leadership and Collaboration—we discovered the Purdue Center for Regional Development (PCRD).

The PCRD is about "strategic doing"—which is a response to the question, "[H]ow do we think and act strategically in open, loosely joined networks?" If your institution is taking a look a leading a regional planning initiative, we're sure this will be one of your resources.