'The only really necessary people in the education process now are the professor and the student.' - SCUP's Planning for Higher Ed Mojo | SCUP Links | Scoop.it
In addition to managing SCUP's Mojo, we're also taking another MOOC, The Current/Future State of Higher Education 2012 (CFSHE12). It's being managed by the fellow who made the short MOOC video that we hope you have already watched, George Siemens. The quote above is from Jeffrey Selingo, of The Chronicle of Higher Education, quoted by a graduate student from a lecture by Selingo. The graduate student, Scott Studham, is also taking the #CFHE12 MOOC, and is posting his notes for others in the MOOC to see. The slide at the right, and the following lists, are also from those notes.

Most at risk in coming disruption:  
    Commodity courses
    The bundled one-size-fits-all experience
    The credential.
The least at risk in coming disruption:  
   Maturing students, 
   Student Professor relationship.
We plan to mine the CFHE12 MOOC for relevant content to share with SCUPers during our Change-Disruption Mojo in January–March 2013.