Lane Community College has a reputation for innovation, so it's not surprising to find it as the subject of this League for Innovation Leadership Abstract by Sonya Christian, executive vice president and chief academic officer, Lane Community College, explaining the integrated nature of Lane's SSLT. She begins, " Extending the learning college paradigm to its own organizational structure, Lane’s SSLT operates like an air traffic control center, tracking the development of related initiatives, grants, and projects whose purpose is to move the dial on student achievement. Part research collective, part leadership team, part communications hub, and part collaborative change agent, SSLT has supported a widespread cultural shift at the college with student success at the center."

"As communications hub and means for dissemination of research and innovation, the hybrid structure of SSLT has been very effective. In addition, a tone of respect and common purpose has developed among members who have come to know the value of each other’s work in a deeper way. SSLT has become what Parker Palmer called a “subject centered” educational space, where members’ contributions can be recognized, where collective conversations help solve problems, and where redesign efforts lead to new interventions."